Protest Assad’s Blood elections

The Syrian regime has called a presidential “election” for 3 June. With large areas of the country no longer under government control and 9 million people driven out of the country as refugees or internally displaced, this is a farce. It constitutes a slap in the face to the international community and confirms that the Syrian regime is determined to cling on to power at all costs.

In response supporters of the Syrian revolution are taking to the streets in 30 cities across the world and shouting out against this travesty. Courageous civil oppositionists are even clandestinely distributing leaflets in Damascus. Come and join us in one or more of the following actions.
Twitter Storm - Everywhere - Friday 30 May
Tweet using the hashtag #Bloodelections in the course of the day. Add your own personal message and address it to whoever you wish: your local representative, your Foreign Ministry, the United Nations, or just send to your followers.
London: Saturday 31 May 2014
Rally and Demonstration
Assemble Trafalgar Square 2:00pm
March to Downing Street 4pm
Hunger Strike: 31 May – 4 June
Take part in a personal one-day hunger strike along with other supporters of the Syrian people
For details see International Solidarity Hunger Strike for Syria
Petition: sign the petition against the Blood Elections here.

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